Nendo Stoneware Dinnerware Set - Sage-Grey

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Nendo Stoneware
The Stone by Mercer NENDO stoneware dinnerware set is a Mercer Project creation illuminating the intersection between art and essential objects. Each handcrafted piece in this collection is created with the goal of making setting your table an artistic experience. Rooted in the rich heritage of Japan, the organic shapes and natural forms of NENDO embody the elegance found in simplicity, inviting you to embark on a sensory journey that transcends ordinary dining experiences. The NENDO set includes dinner plates, salad plates and two sizes of bowls, all with a distinctive, textured look and feel.
Large Round 10.9" Dinner Plates
Small 8.3" Salad Plates
6.5" Bowls
Large 9" Soup Bowls