Tom Stoneware Bowl - Black And White Reflection

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The Tom stoneware bowl set is rustic and unique with a stunning wave-like edge and reactive glaze, making each dish perfectly imperfect. The Stone Lain Tom stoneware bowl set includes black and white speckled bowls that are perfect for summer salads and winter soup, but they can certainly be used year round for many dishes. The earthy bowls are all unique, as no two are exactly alike, and they fit into any traditional, farmhouse, or modern home or apartment. This set of 4 large bowls can be used to replace broken ones, or you can use it to add-on to your existing Tom set if you need extra bowls on hand! Pair this set with your favorite Tom plates and you are ready to plate your food for a comforting and casual dining experience. Tom is microwave and dishwasher safe, for easy reheating and cleaning. Grab a set today and experience fun dining at home.