Selecting The Best Dinnerware Set For Your Wedding Registry

If you’re getting married, you know that you have to prepare a thousand different things well in advance. Fortunately, a wedding registry can actually make your life a lot easier during the wedding preparation stages. Rather than letting your friends and family buy random gifts (and ending up with 6 different blenders), you can register with a company to pick and choose exactly the kind of gifts you want to receive as a newly-married couple. Naturally, if you’re starting a family, you will probably want to have various items for home and kitchen, including high-quality dinnerware.

For this reason, it is good to select the best possible dinnerware set for your wedding registry. However, if you’re not familiar with different types of dinnerware designs or materials, you may feel a little lost. You don’t want to end up with a bunch of dinnerware that you don’t like or never plan to use, so it’s best to figure out exactly which sets to select in advance.

In today’s guide, we will examine everything you need to know to select the best dinnerware set for your wedding registry!

Is Dinnerware A Good Wedding Gift?

Before you ever start selecting gifts for your wedding registry, it’s important to consider what constitutes a “good” wedding gift. You will need to consider various factors for both you (the recipient) and your friends and family (the people buying the gifts). For example, if you only choose very high-end, expensive gifts for your wedding registry, it may make it difficult or even impossible for some people to comply with your wishes and provide a gift from your list.

It could also be construed as selfish or even rude to only select the best possible gifts for your wedding registry. Many people simply don’t have the budget to buy expensive gifts, so it’s best to choose a wide range of gifts for people to choose from. This way, you don’t risk alienating your guests by asking for the wrong gifts at the wrong prices.

So, this brings us to the question at hand: is dinnerware a good wedding gift? The answer is an absolute yes! Most newlyweds will need a lot of different items to fill their homes, particularly in the kitchen and dining areas. So, asking for dinnerware is one of the best ways to ensure that you receive something that is pragmatic, beautiful, and useful for years to come!

How Many Dinnerware Sets Should You Register For?

We will examine some of the best dinnerware sets a little later on, but first, you need to decide how much plate ware you actually need. Dinnerware sets typically come in sets of 4, 8, or 12. This means that they provide enough dishes to serve up to 4, 8, or 12 people at a time. So, how many dinnerware sets should you have?

A general rule of thumb is the more the merrier! Why? Because you never know when you’ll want or need to host a large group of guests, and it’s always better if you can use matching dinnerware for everyone. However, this brings us back to the issue of setting reasonable budgets for your wedding guests. For many people, it may be a big ask to purchase 12 high-quality dinnerware sets for your wedding. So, you will need to factor in the cost of the gift when making your decision.

Moreover, the number of dinnerware sets you actually need varies from person to person. Some people do not like hosting and have no plans of throwing large parties or get-togethers. As such, it might be best to opt for sets of 4 or 8. Alternatively, if you’re the kind of person who plans to have a big family or wants to frequently throw large parties, then a larger number of dinnerware sets will likely be ideal.

Additionally, you should also consider storage space. Even if you think that you might want to throw large get-togethers or host meals for your extended family in the future, you may not have the storage space for 12 or more dinnerware sets. Therefore, you may need to compromise and ask for fewer sets in your wedding registry. Generally speaking, 8 dinnerware sets is more than enough for most newlywed couples. You should only opt for 4 if you have no intention of having large gatherings at your house or 12 if you definitely plan on hosting parties and holiday meals in the future.

Best Stoneware Dinnerware

Stoneware is a great material for dinnerware because it is built to last for long periods of time, it is highly resistant to heat, it is easy to clean. Additionally, stoneware offers a more unique look than more traditional options like porcelain or bone china. Moreover, stoneware offers a more refined look than cheaper materials like earthenware.

Stoneware is created from clay that has been fired at medium-to-high temperatures. The resulting dinnerware is very strong, durable, and resistant to cracks. However, due to the temperatures at which it is fired, it retains the “natural” look of stone. This puts it in direct contrast to the shinier look of porcelain.

If you’re looking for some of the best stoneware dinnerware sets to add to your wedding registry, you can’t go wrong with the Celina. The Celina comes in sets of 4 or 8, with three different color options, including Black Matte, Brown Matte, and Gray Matte. Not only does it provide a beautiful, classic look to just about any dinner table, but it also maintains a rustic look that is impossible to beat!

Similarly, the Albie and Serenity dinnerware sets will make for great additions to your wedding registry. Both products come in sets of 4 or 8. Additionally, the Albie lets you choose between Red & Black, Pink, White, or Blue & Black, while the Serenity comes in Dark Gray & Cream, Green & Cream, or Pink & Cream.

Best Porcelain Dinnerware

While stoneware retains the natural look of stone, porcelain is made from clay fired at much higher temperatures. This creates a material that is shiny and translucent, which is often seen as more “luxurious” than other materials. As an added bonus, porcelain is an extremely durable material that is resistant to heat and cracks. While it is generally priced higher than stoneware, porcelain is often treated as the superior material for dinnerware.

If you want to find the best porcelain dinnerware to add to your wedding registry, then look no further! The Florian is an elegant, refined dinnerware set that is available in sets of 4 or 8. It comes in White, Navy Blue, Black, or Green. Alternatively, the Brighton and Zora porcelain dinnerware sets offer more modern visual designs, with swirls and streaks to make them stand out in any setting. The Brighton is available in Pink or White, while the Zora comes in either White or Black. Like the Florian, both the Brighton and Zora dinnerware products can serve up to 4 or 8 people simultaneously.

We hope you found this guide on selecting the best dinnerware set for your wedding registry useful! Now, would you like to find some high-quality dinnerware sets to brighten up your dinner table? If so, be sure to check out some of the options at Stone Lain today!

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