With elements of modernity creeping into just about every aspect of our lives, it can be nice to have small reminders of simpler times. It’s the same human craving that you may feel to leave the city and experience nature. Deep within us, we all have the wish that we could go back to a simpler time or at least enjoy certain old-fashioned styles. This even applies to the products and decorations we use to fill our homes.

Rustic dinnerware, for example, is an increasingly popular way to show one’s appreciation for simplicity in both design and function. However, people often throw around the term “rustic” without truly understanding its meaning. It can be even harder to define when applied to plates and dishes. So, this begs a few important questions. First and foremost, what is rustic dinnerware? What are some reasons that you would choose a rustic dinnerware set over something else? Finally, what are some of the most popular rustic dinnerware sets on the market? In today’s guide, we will answer all of these questions and more!

What Is Rustic Dinnerware?

When used as a general term, “rustic” can refer to anything that is simple or plain in design. It also refers to things that come from or are associated with rural living. Thus, rustic dinnerware is any kind of dishware that reflects a simple visual style using colors and designs that would fit well in a farmhouse. So, if the term “rustic dinnerware” seems a bit too vague, you can think of it as farmhouse dinnerware or country dinnerware.

However, this definition still doesn’t offer you specific examples of what rustic dinnerware actually looks and feels like. Rustic plates might have a texture that is more granular than traditional plates, giving the impression that they were handmade, like most of the dinnerware from decades past. Additionally, farmhouse plates and bowls will often have natural styles and colors that look like real stone or wood. This way, they appear as though they were crafted from materials you could actually find in the countryside!

That said, rustic dinnerware does not always mimic the patterns and materials of nature. Sometimes, it just makes use of designs that are not overly flashy or complex. Additionally, colors play an important role in the designation of “rustic” style. Dinnerware that makes use of brown, green, gray, black, or beige often has a rustic appearance.

Why Go With A Rustic Dinnerware Set?

One of the best parts of having a rustic plate set is that it will never go out of style. As previously discussed, people are always looking for ways to bring simplicity and elements of nature back into their lives. Even if it just seems like a farmhouse dinnerware set, it can actually have very a profound and lasting impact on people. Elements of nature and the country, even a simple farmhouse plate set, can help put people at ease and feel more relaxed. This is a chemical reaction to seeing colors and designs that are naturally calming.

Even if you’re not interested in its potentially relaxing effects, rustic dinnerware has plenty to offer in a wide range of settings. It can add a splash of the country life in a modern city apartment or a natural complement to a more rural environment. Either way, rustic dinnerware can help offer something a bit more offbeat to family and friends alike. Since most people use traditional plating that does not provide any visual surprises, a rustic dinnerware set can be a welcoming change from the usual routine!

8 Most Popular Rustic Dinnerware Sets

Though the rustic aesthetic is popular across a wide range of products, it is particularly fashionable for dinnerware sets. Rustic stoneware dinnerware is one of the most common styles that appeals to consumers, as stoneware has the natural appearance and texture of stone. While the vast majority of modern farmhouse dinnerware sets are made of stoneware, there are exceptions. In any case, let’s take a closer look at 8 of the most popular rustic dinnerware sets on the market:


The Abigail rustic dinner plates are made with a unique, embossed weave design. Additionally, unlike many rustic dinnerware sets, the Abigail features plates and bowls that have an asymmetrical rim, combining the appeal of a hexagonal shape with imperfect curves to maintain the rustic appeal. If you are interested in the Abigail set, it is currently available in black, gray, or white.


The Esmeralda set is one of the few rustic dinnerware sets made of porcelain. The farmhouse dinner plates feature brushed coloration that give each piece a unique look. Additionally, all of the Esmeralda plates and bowls are square with an upturned edge, combining typical elements of rustic dinnerware with more modern designs. If you are interested in the Esmeralda set, it is currently available in blue or green.


The Lauren stoneware set is the definition of simplicity. Its rounded plates and bowls feature ridges along the upturned rims. The bowls also come in varying shapes, with both wide and narrow bases. If you are interested in the Lauren set, it is currently available in blue, green, gray, or white.


The Serenity dinnerware set uses a more traditional design of alternating colors and combines it with the rustic nature of stoneware. Each plate, bowl, and mug uses a primary color for the base with a classic white rim. The plates are relatively shallow with a slow incline, while the bowls are deep to minimize spillage. If you are interested in the Serenity set, it is currently available in green, black, or pink.


The Sophie set is one of the most visually stunning of all the popular rustic dinnerware options. Its textured design is complemented by a jet black rim, with plates and bowls using the textured patchwork style on the inside and mugs that use it on the outside. If you are interested in the Serenity set, it is currently available in brown or white.


Pieces in the Tina dinnerware set have be speckled bodies and rims of alternating colors. The plates have the traditional circular shape, while the bowls and mugs have a narrow base leading up to a slightly wider rim. If you are interested in the Tina set, it is currently available in blue and green-beige.


The Tom dinnerware set is most distinguishable for its speckled exterior and upturned plate edges. The reactive glaze also gives each dish a shimmer when exposed to light. Though smaller than some other plate and bowl sets, the Tom set features pieces of varying sizes. If you are interested in the Tom set, it is currently available in black, blue, olive green, and pink.


Finally, the Vince set combines various design elements, including be speckled coloration and varied shades of color to provide a more natural, earthen texture. As an added bonus, the plates, bowls, and mugs in this set are some of the largest of any of the popular rustic dinnerware sets on the market. If you are interested in the Vince set, it is currently available in brown, gray, and blue (all of which are paired with white shading).

Are you interested in acquiring beautiful rustic dinnerware sets? Do you want to find rustic dinnerware that is durable, visually appealing, and affordable? If so, be sure to check out our offerings at Stone Lain today!