High Quality Holiday Hosting

High Quality Holiday Hosting

When it comes to the holidays, we want to bring all of the most important people in our lives together, but it can be difficult to coordinate seeing all your loved ones. Scheduling conflicts seem to be a staple in making plans, but one great way to ensure you see as many of your favorite faces as possible (and to have as many yummy treats as possible) is to host a holiday party!

Below you will find some tips and tricks to making hosting feel as enjoyable as possible.

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Tip #1: Pick a theme!

I know what you’re thinking - It’s a holiday party, isn’t that the theme?
Technically yes, but you can also get more detailed with your theme.

If dressing up has never been your style, why not try a PJ party! Onesies, slippers, matching flannel and all. This theme will have your guests ready for bed as soon as they’re home, because who doesn’t need more Z’s these days?

Now let’s be honest, holidays can be stressful! So, if you’re trying to fight your inner grinch this year, don’t! Try having a full on grinch-fest and encourage all of your guests to join in by dressing the part.

Finally, Dreamy Disco, or All things that glitter ARE gold – these two ideas are great for any time during the holiday season, especially new years! The dress code is simple, just sparkle!

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Tip #2: One word – Potluck

Allergies, dietary restrictions, personal preferences. Cooking for a large group of people can have its challenges so asking your guests to bring a dish of their own ensures variety (saves you clean up time) and also encourages exposure to different cuisines and cultures!

Sharing is caring, and this way you relieve some pressure from handling every element of the sustenance yourself – just be sure to give some guidance about appetizers, desserts and mains to avoid having gingerbread houses as your entrée.

The Gabrielle Bone China Collection

Tip #3: Beverages

One thing that makes guests feel comfortable is having a wide variety of alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic beverages. There are many reasons that people abstain from drinking alcohol so providing an array of choices will make anyone opting out of that element of the festivities feel included and considered!

The Zora Porcelain Collection

Tip #4: Soundtrack

Our final tip is all about the vibes, and we have taken the liberty to source them for you! For a lot of us, the last thing on all of our minds when we are hosting is music. It seems like a small detail but wow does a great playlist ever make an impact on the energy of a space! 

Click the link below for a great (16 hour) playlist that will ensure amazing and recognizable songs for everyone to enjoy. 

Boogie Fuel

Happy Hosting from all of us here at Stone + Lain
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