Dinner Plates With A Lip - Why The Raised Edge Is A Must Have

Dinner plates with a lip have become more and more popular in the last few years for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, they actually serve a specific purpose at the dinner table and in the kitchen. Second, many people prefer lipped dinner plates for aesthetic reasons. Finally, high-lip dinner plates have a few advantages over the rimmed dinner plates that have graced many kitchens for the better part of the 20th century.

So, in today’s guide, we are going to take a closer look at the different types of dinner plates with lip edges and why they can make a great addition to your dinnerware set!

Dinner Plates With Raised Edges Keep The Food On The Plate

These days, it’s almost impossible to come across a completely flat dinner plate without any kind of raised edge. Why? Because a flat dinner plate is a recipe for disaster! If you don’t have a lipped dinner set, your food can easily slide off of your plate and onto the table or floor, making a huge mess in the process.

Keeping your food on the plates with lipped dinner plates is especially useful at dinner parties, barbecues, and similar settings where people are more likely to move around while they dine. If you are at a party and you want to stand up and move, lipped dinnerware ensures that you can have a plateful of food without the risk of it falling off the edges. After all, why get a plate full of food if it’s all going to end up on the ground?

Raised edge dinnerware also makes your job as a dinner host even easier. Not only does the raised edge make plates easier to grasp, but it also ensures that you can maximize the amount of food that goes on the plate. Every plate has a protective barrier surrounding the edges. This way, you can serve your guests much more efficiently and greatly reduce dropped or wasted food.

Flat Dinner Plates With A Lip Are Modern and Stylish

While edged dinner plates are becoming a little more common these days, it doesn’t mean that they are the norm — yet. In fact, the vast majority of households still used rimmed dinner plates (more on that later), which have begun to look old-fashioned and outdated. Alternatively, flat dinner plates with a lip offer a chic alternative to the “norm,” enhancing the visual appeal of every place setting on your table.

A lipped plate set often looks like something out of a futuristic movie. It’s not that the design is completely revolutionary, but a flat plate with a stark edge for optimum food-handling capacity is both useful and aesthetically unique. In short, it is likely to be an unexpected and fun surprise for your dinner guests!

Due to their modern style and functionality, it stands to reason that flat dinner plates with lipped edges will likely become the standard dinner plate going forward. However, for the moment, they remain a fashionable and unique addition to households. By simply adding these plates to your dinner table, you can quickly impress your guests and take your hosting skills to the next level!

Rimmed Dinner Plates Vs Dinner Plates With A Lip Edge

If you feel a bit confused about the differences between rimmed dinner plates and dinner plates with a lip edge, you are not alone. They sound similar, but they are actually quite different in both appearance and functionality. To get a better idea of what rimmed dinner plates look like, simply imagine your standard dinner plate. It is likely a round shape, with a flat bottom that expands upward at a slight angle toward the rim. In essence, it is much like a bowl, but with a much flatter angle.

However, unlike bowls, rimmed dinner plates are not especially good at keeping food off the ground. Their edges do not offer the same degree of protection as a bowl (or a lipped plate set) because the rim is perpendicular to the table. This means that, if food extends out to the rim of the plate, there is a good chance that it will fall off the plate entirely.

Moreover, many rimmed plates have a very wide, flat rim that greatly reduces the surface area on which food can be placed. In other words, every rimmed plate can hold significantly less food, while also providing minimum protection against spillage. In short, rimmed dinner plates are inefficient, outdated, and — visually speaking — even a bit boring.

On the other hand, dinner plates with a lip typically have a completely flat bottom with a sudden vertical edge that is usually no more than a centimeter in height. Functionally, this makes round dinner plates with a lip far more like bowls than rimmed plates. Why? Because they have the same ability to contain food within the parameters of the plate without spillage.

As an added bonus, flat dinner plates with lipped edges don’t have the disadvantage of limited storage capacity. The flat bottom and upturned edge make it so that you can fit a lot of food on what appears to be the same surface area as any other plate. Thus, raised edge dinner plates offer a much better dining experience, whether you’re seated at the dining table or moving around a lively dinner party.

Finally, the wide-rimmed dinner plate has been a staple of dinner tables for decades. In fact, most dinnerware manufacturers did not start to experiment with new plate designs until the late 20th Century. As a result, lipped dinner plates have only become a fashionable alternative to standard plates in recent years. So, if you want to make your dinner table stand out and provide a better overall experience to your dinner guests, raised edge plates are the way to go.

Our Raised Edge Dinner Plate Picks

At Stone Lain, we offer a wide array of dinner plates and dinnerware set designs. However, when it comes to raised-edged dinner plates, we do have a few staff favorites to offer. While you can get raised-edge dinner plates made of many different materials, we recommend stoneware plates with a lip, as the material is microwave safe, dishwasher safe, and very strong against cracks and other damage.

Our first pick is the Celina Stoneware Plate Set, which comes in gray matte coloring. While the traditional dinner sets serve either 4 or 8 guests, you can order as many Celina plates as you like! In addition to combining both classic and trendy styles, the Celina plates have a large, 10.25” diameter with lipped edges. The colors match perfectly with nearly any kind of place setting or tablecloth, ensuring that you can add a modern touch to your dining area.

Our second pick is the Albie Stoneware Plate Set, which comes in red, blue, or pink coloring. Though slightly smaller than the Celina plates at 10” in diameter, the Albie plates offer greater variety in color. This gives you the ability to mix and match your decorations to create the dinner table of your dreams!

Are you interested in acquiring dinner plates with a lip? Do you want to learn more about purchasing high-quality dinnerware? Finally, are you curious about the benefits of using stoneware dishes at the dinner table? If so, be sure to check out our offerings at Stone Lain today!

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