You have probably heard a lot of terms like “boho chic” and “boho decor” in the recent past, but you may not really know what they mean. This can get especially confusing when they are applied to specific items or products, like boho dinnerware. Fortunately, it is not nearly as complicated as it sounds. So, this begs an important question: what is boho dinnerware?

In today’s guide, we are going to explain boho dinnerware, discuss some of its benefits, and tell you where you can buy the best boho dinnerware sets on the market!

What Is Boho Dinnerware?

Boho dinnerware is just short for “Bohemian dinnerware.” When applied to style and design (and most other things), bohemian simply refers to something that is lacking in a specific structure. For example, a person who lives a bohemian lifestyle may not conform to traditional ideas concerning careers, relationships, or even living spaces. Similarly, bohemian product designs refer to items that do not conform to existing styles, structures, or commercial patterns.

As a result, bohemian plate designs often result in completely unique dinnerware that has a very different aesthetic quality than most other dinner sets. One might describe them as “funky dinnerware” or “artistic dinnerware” because, more often than not, each piece features its own patterns, colors, and designs.

For example, a traditional dinnerware set will feature matching plates, bowls, and cups. Regardless of the material or precise design, conformity, symmetry, and matching designs are essentially the defining features of dinnerware sets. However, boho dinnerware throws these concepts out the window by allowing each piece to speak for itself. When you acquire a boho dinnerware set, you may get a dinner plate with a psychedelic, spiral pattern, a soup bowl with a checkered black-and-white pattern, and a salad plate with a minimalistic design and pastel color.

In some cases, boho dinnerware sets can even have pieces that are made from different materials. You could get a dinner plate made of stoneware, a teacup made of porcelain, and a serving dish made of bone china. As you can see, there are really no limits when it comes to boho dinnerware! That said, most boho dinnerware sets stick to one material. In doing so, the manufacturer ensures that you don’t have to use different washing, heating, or storage methods for each dish. Instead, you can simply clean, use, and store all of your boho dinnerware pieces as you normally would!

Why Go With A Boho Dinnerware Set

While most households like to have nice, traditional china or stoneware for special occasions, you may want something a little less traditional for everyday settings. Moreover, choosing a boho dinnerware set comes with a lot of benefits of its own, whether you want to use it for a formal dinner party or an impromptu gathering. Either way, let’s take a look at some of the best reasons to go with a boho dinnerware set!

Surprise Your Dinner Guests

One of the best aspects of boho dinnerware is the fact that it immediately draws the eye when people enter the dining area. Often full of color and completely unique, unpredictable designs, boho dinnerware is sure to surprise anyone you invite over for a meal. Most guests will expect standard dinnerware when they sit down to eat, so offering food with a wide variety of colors and designs can be a fun and interesting surprise to newcomers!

Make Your Dinnerware Set Unique

Every item in a boho dinnerware set is like a unique piece of art. Most dinnerware sets are matching and therefore do not stand out very much. Alternatively, unique dinnerware sets with diverse colors and patterns can make any dinner table or meal a one-of-a-kind experience. Unique dinner plates are particularly good to make an impression on family, friends, and new acquaintances alike, as they give each person sitting at the table a sense of distinction.

Add Color To Your Dinnerware

As opposed to traditional dinnerware sets that are almost always completely matching in color, colorful dinnerware sets are made up of boho plates, cups, and serving dishes with completely unique colors and designs. Not only does this add variety to your dinner table, but it can also make the atmosphere brighter and more cheerful. A drab dinnerware set can dampen the mood from the start. Fortunately, you can do the exact opposite with a brightly-colored boho dinnerware set!

Additionally, colorful dinnerware sets are also a great choice for holidays and other themed events. For example, if you plan to throw a special get-together for Easter, you can get a boho dinnerware set with pastel colors of yellow, light blue, green, and pink. If you want to have a special Thanksgiving dinner, you can use boho dinnerware with colors like dark orange, red, brown, and dark yellow. In short, when you’re not worried about every plate or glass matching in color and style, it gives you a lot more freedom to customize your dinner table for just about any occasion!

Make Dinnertime Fun

Finally, it is not always easy to come across a fun, entertaining dinnerware set. Most people only think about the functional aspects of dinnerware. While ensuring that you get a high-quality dinnerware set that serves its primary purpose is important, you shouldn’t ignore the fact that you have the ability to make your dinner table colorful, funky, and interesting.

If you have young children, fun dinnerware sets are almost always a hit. Kids love to feel like they are getting something unique, and with boho dinnerware, every piece is completely different. Additionally, the versatility and lack of design structure allow you to even mix and match boho dinnerware with your existing dinnerware sets. This way, you can have a little extra fun of your own every time you set the table!

Our Boho Dinnerware Set Pick

At Stone Lain, we are continuously adding new designs and dinnerware sets to our wide array of products. Currently, one of our most popular items also happens to be a boho dinnerware set. The Elena Stoneware Dinnerware Set offers the perfect pop of pastel colors and varied dinnerware pieces to impress guests in any setting.

A favorite among our staff, the Elena Set includes pink, yellow, blue, and mint-colored dishware that allows you to give each guest a unique place setting and experience. The variety of colors also makes it incredibly easy to mix and match with other colorful sets, too! Regardless of how you use the Elena Dinnerware Set, you can be sure that its minimalistic style will fit in perfectly with modern, chic dining tables and interior designs.

This colorful dinnerware set comes in sets that can serve parties of 4 or 8 (depending on the set you choose). Each set includes 10.75” dinner plates, 8.25” salad plates, soup bowls, and cozy cups. The colorful plate set makes it easy to combine your favorite cutlery, napkins, serving dishes, and even additional accessories. As an added bonus, all of the dishes in the Elena set are microwave and dishwasher-safe, making it that much easier to have a fun, colorful, unforgettable dining experience in your very own home!

Are you interested in acquiring a beautiful boho dinnerware set? If so, be sure to check out our offerings at Stone Lain today!